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Making a Will is the only way to ensure that your assets are passed the way you want them to.

Although it is a topic most people don't like to discuss, Will and Estate planning is a vital part of arranging your affairs efficiently and effectively.   The nature of the planning needed will depend upon your family's situation, the size of the Estate, and the types of asset owned.

As tax is a fundamental part of Will and Estate planning, we are ideally placed to provide advice in this area, whether it be through Inheritance Tax Planning, or using our Comprehensive Will writing and Probate services.

Many people assume they should use a Solicitor for their Will planning or to deal with their Estate on death.  However, our relationship with our clients, especially our involvement in all aspects of their tax planning, makes us ideally placed to ensure that Wills are drafted effectively and in a way which compliments their other arrangements.  And most importantly, we ensure that the planning is reviewed on a regular basis as tax changes can very quickly render good planning ineffective.

Additionally, many clients are unaware that there is quite a large amount of Tax Planning that can be done AFTER death.  We have regularly saved our Probate clients tens of thousands of pounds in tax by dealing with the Estate in a tax efficient manner.

Using our expertise, combined with our integrated legal team , means we are ideally placed to offer you a personalised and effective service, which is not only cost effective, but could also reduce your future Inheritance Tax liability by tens of thousands of pounds.

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